Coro Cervantes


Moctezuma - an encounter of two cultures (celebrating Mexico 2010)

Moctezuma ruled the Tenochtitlan from 1502 to 1521, during which time the Aztec Empire reached its largest size.  In 1492 Christopher Columbus 'sailed the ocean blue', opening up a route from Europe which would lead, by 1521, to the Spanish conquest of the Aztecs.  It wasn't long before musicians made this journey too, and we are left today with the resultant cultural mix.  This programme gives an intoxicating glimpse into the meeting of two cultures at the height of their powers: the songs (in the native Nahuatl language) and rhythms of the Tenochtitlan mix with the Spaniards music.  Includes Purcell's music for the Indian Queen, set in Peru and Mexico in the years before the Spanish invasion and includes the characters King Ynca and Montezuma. For choir of 8 which also takes percussion roles, plus instrumentalist.