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Reviews - Coro Cervantes

Coro Cervantes

Nuestro Director

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David Vernier

"There are several surprises on this recording, beginning with the repertoire--19th century Spanish sacred music, much of which is recorded here for the first time and nearly all of which will be virtually unknown to choral music listeners... . anyone who's comfortable in the dense-textured, profoundly dramatic, harmonically expansive sound-world of composers such as Fauré, Liszt, and Bruckner will find much to enjoy on this generously filled (nearly 80-minute) CD.

Another surprise is Coro Cervantes--a professional London-based ensemble "dedicated solely to the Hispanic classical repertoire"--an exclusive niche if ever there was one! Not surprisingly from an English choir, the standard of ensemble singing is exceptionally high, and on both a technical and interpretive level there's nothing to fault here. (Interestingly--and unusually--I didn't recognize any of these 16 singers as belonging to any of the more prominent professional London groups, which speaks well to this choir's exclusivity and commitment to its narrow-focused vision.) Most listeners will find this program an enjoyable experience and will appreciate such ambitious and passionately wrought works as Vicente Goicoechea's (1854-1916) Ave Maria or Tomás Bretón's (1850-1923) Salve montserratina. There's much fascinating music here-- all of it worth hearing for its priceless contextual/historical importance alone...this excellent choir's performances."