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CD Release: Yanomami

We are delighted to release our 4th album, the 1st with Signum Records, called Yanomami

It contains powerfully evocative 20th century Spanish and Latin American music, some accompanied by Brazilian guitarist Fabio Zanon, one the most all-embracing talents on the international guitar scene today. The music on this disc comes from Brazil, Argentina and from Spanish migrants who worked in the USA. The album takes its name from the ten-minute piece Yanomami by the doyen of living Brazilian composers, celebrating his 70th birthday in 2009, Marlos Nobre.  Nobres descriptive piece is inspired by the death rituals of the Yanomami people, who live on the shores of the Orinoco River, artificially divided between the national boundaries of Venezuela and Brazil. Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco (1895-1968) was born in Florence and moved to Beverley Hills in 1938 where he worked as a successful film composer, teaching Andre Prévin, John Williams, and Henry Mancini.  The 6 movements of the choir and guitar suite Romancero Gitano (1951) use texts by the Granada-born poet Federico García Lorca.  The central part of the piece portrays the passion and fervour of the Spanish Holy Week, Semana Santa.  Via Crucis (1970) by the Catalonian-born composer who migrated to the USA Carlos Surinach (1915-1997), is here recorded for the first time.  Written for choir and guitar, Surinach includes elements of flamenco in the piece.  Included in the disc is his short Sonantina for guitar.  Fernando Moruja ́s Sacred Pieces (1998) have become standard repertoire amongst choirs in South America and remain as a memorial to a the composer who was killed by a bus on New Year’s Eve 2004, aged only 44 years-old.


The disc is available in stores and online from the Signum Records website, Amazon, iTunes and others.